Nichia NFSL757GT-V1 5000K R8000

Nichia LED NFSL757GT-V1 5000K R8000 36lm CRI80

Nichia NCSLE17AT 2700K R8000

Nichia LED NCSLE17AT 2700K R8000 130lm CRI80

Nichia LED NF2L757GRT-V1 2700K R8000 130lm CRI80

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Nichia (Japonia) a inventat LED-ul albastru, in 1993, si LED-ul alb cativa ani mai tarziu. Pentru aceasta descoperire cercetatorii Nichia au primit in 2014 Premiul nobel pentru Fizica.

In prezent Nichia este cel mai mare producator de diode LED cu o cota de piata la nivel global de peste 30%. LED-urile Nichia albe si albastre sunt cele mai fiabile si performante LED-uri din lume. Spre exemplu seria 757G a depasita limita de eficienta luminoasa de 210 lm/watt.  

Nichia LED NF2L757GRT-V1 2700K R8000 130lm CRI80

Nichia’s 757G series mid-power, 3030 LED package uses a proprietary design and thermoset composite material to deliver efficacy and value beyond current high-power LED capabilities.

Further more, with luminous efficacy reaching 220 lumens/watt, the Nichia 757G series surpasses in performance all other commercially available mid-power LEDs as of 2017.

LM-80 and TM-21 reports from Nichia certify also reliability at over 60,000 hours with minimum color shifts.  

The unique design attributes in the 757G series ensure great reliability while delivering high visual comfort with uniform light distribution and tighter color control. The differentiation rests with the proprietary thermoset composite packing materials paired with high-efficiency LED chips and specially blended phosphors.


  • 0.6- 1.0W Mid-Power LED series
  • 757 package (dimensions: 3.0x3.0x0.52mm)
  • Various color temperatures available
  • With 3 SDCM (standard deviation of color matching) as standard, 5 or 7 SDCM optional
  • Individual and flexible use
  • In single or double chip configuration

Color temperature options

  • 3 SDCM offered as standard
  • Center bin at extra cost

Application areas

  • LED lamps and luminaires
  • LED tubes and downlights
  • LED panels and displays

Delivery and price rules:

  • Available in Emitter form or with PCB for easy installation
  • Price for 1 pcs valid up to one full reel
  • Price for one reel valid up to 5 reels
  • For more than 5 reels inquire for price
Date Tehnice
Cod Produs 30155C
Dimensiuni LED 3x3 mm
Model LED Nichia 757G
LED recomandat pentru Tub Luminos, Panou Luminos, Iluminat din scafa, Semn Luminos, Spot, Bec, Aplica
Culoare Alb Cald
Temperatura de Culoare 2700K
Indice Redare a Culorilor 80
Unghi de iluminare 120°
Flux Luminos Mediu (lm) 130
Eficienta Luminoasa (lm/W) 137
Curent Recomandat 150ma
Tensiune Tipica (V) 6.3
Putere (W) 0.95
Tensiune Maxima (V) 6.6
Curent Maxim 200mA
Flux Luminos Max. (lm) 166
Putere Maxima (W) 1.32
Cod Producator 30155
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